Covid-19 Updates

The food and hospitality industries have been heavily impacted by the restrictions in place owing to COVID-19. We remain committed to helping our clients, friends and colleagues through these difficult times through offering support and advice. To help prepare for working from home, reduced operations and re-opening, SureFoot Solutions have prepared guidance on key areas to ensure that the process is as smooth and safe as possible.

Please note that in this period of transition, updates and changes are being made daily and this guidance will be regularly updated in order to reflect this.

On behalf of all of us here at SureFoot Solutions, we wish you and your teams all the best, and a safe re-opening when the time is right.

For more information on our COVID secure accreditation, please visit our COVID secure page 

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Items to Purchase

Flexible Support Solutions

Whilst social distancing is still being observed and many businesses are operating on takeaway only or reduced offering, amended services are available to all SureFoot clients. Where sites are open for takeaway or providing charity meals, ensuring that teams and customers remain safe it of the utmost importance.

Routine assessment programme and support £ as per SLA.

A 25% discount on the visit will be provided to sites who are donating meals to key workers, such as the NHS

Safety assessments at the frequency as defined by your existing Service Level Agreement.

  • Onsite inspection, taking into consideration adapted or amend opening hours
  • Option to make the assessment announced at no additional charge
  • The usual coaching and guidance provided, with additional sensitivity around revised methods and ways of working
  • Specifically focus on personal hygiene, illness reporting and maintaining of social distancing
  • Ensuring that points from re-opening checklists have been implemented
  • Incident handling of customer complaints

Remote audit service £165 per remote audit, including writing, follow up report.

Key aspects of safety reviewed completed via a scheduled video call.

  • Booked time slot to video call with key team members on policies, understanding of their HACCP, allergen process, cleaning and personal hygiene procedures
  • Video based walkaround, with the Advisor able to request to see areas in more detail, storage, labelling, etc
  • Review of temperature records and demonstration by the team on how to take temperature checks – if the team use Trail this can be completed in advance of the call
  • Allergen checks based on pre-submitted matrix – assessment of 3 recipes, including spot checks on product labels of ingredients which go on to be used in those recipes to check for accuracy
  • Incident handling of customer complaints

Incident management service only

£45 per incident handled

Continued access to the SureFoot portal and incident support services.

  • All incidents subject to desktop review by SureFoot
  • Advice and support on further steps to be taken to prevent a recurrence
  • Contact made with customer
  • Investigation summary available on the SureFoot Portal and available for all named contacts within the business to review

Reopening onsite audit support 

£250 – £450 per site, an exact quote for size of business will be provided upon enquiry. Price based on size and operation.

Targeted safety inspection to cover:

  • Ensuring that a risk assessment for the business is in place and assisting with completion if required
  • Verifying that the SureFoot reopening checklist is being utilised
  • Checking that all handwash basins are fully stocked, including in customer areas
    • To include hot water, anti-bacterial soap and drying facilities
  • Ensuring that new packs are printed for temperature monitoring or online system is back up and running, probes are working and calibrated
  • A spot check of 3 fridges to ensure operating correctly and that there are no expired items
  • Allergen menus are available
  • Blue roll and sanitiser available throughout food areas (kitchen, prep areas, bar, etc)
  • General overall assessment of cleanliness, including no evidence of pest activity
  • Fire escapes fully operational and able to open correctly
  • Evidence that beer lines have been cleaned
  • Legionella actions implemented
  • Ensuring Return to Work questionnaires have been completed with GM & HC, provide coaching on how to complete for team members